Making and Distributing a Catalog for Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

Now that you have started your jewelry business you need to start selling your stock. Wholesaler jewelry is big business, and to attract buyers you need to show off your collection by enticing buyers with a catalog showing off your merchandise. Creating a catalog is simpler than it sounds; you have two basic options in making your catalog: it can either be a print catalog or it can be an online catalog.

Online catalogs are less expensive to make than print catalogs and can quickly be put together to advertise your wholesale jewelry business on the Internet. The problem with this approach, however, is that your online catalog will get lost in the sea of thousands of other catalogs put online by other web-based jewelry stores and jewelry wholesalers with a significant online presence. The Internet is inundated with catalogs online and your catalog will likely not make as much an impact as you require to generate sales. A more effective method would be to use a print catalog for direct mailing.

Obviously photos of the jewelry are required, you may take the pictures yourself with your digital camera or you may hire the services of a professional photographer. It is cheaper if you take the pictures yourself, and you should at the very least familiarize yourself with the basics of still photography and lighting. To get the best pictures make sure you have adequate lighting and lay the jewelry on a black or velvet setting. Blue or black velvet are commonly used for jewelry catalogs as they highlight jewelry the best.

The next step is to design the layout of your catalog. This is easily done by using publishing software like Microsoft Publisher. Doing this on your own does require some time to learn how the publishing software works, but the only other alternative is to pay someone else to do it for you which can be considerably expensive.

Finally you need to take your completed catalog to a print shop for printing and binding. It is recommended to burn the finished catalog files into a CD and give it to the print shop, this way you both have a copy. Unfortunately this may cost some money, especially if you're planning on printing thousands of copies with glossy color pages, but amount you spend will be worth it in the long run as such catalogs are ideal for mass mailing and should get your business many new clients.

Mass mailing is a considerable undertaking, and your best bet is to find a company that sells mailing lists and even does the mailing itself. Direct Mailing companies typically have lists matching a number of criteria; make sure you ask for a list where people have shown an interest in buying wholesale jewelry along with any other criteria you think your matches your potential customers. It is better to pay the mailing list company to handle the mass mailing themselves because they can get the cheapest mailing rates as they exclusively deal in bulk mail.

Since you're going to spend quite a bit out of your pocket to make and distribute the catalog, be sure to use a reputable direct mailing company and printer for your printing and distribution needs. Distributing catalogs is a great way to find customers and mostly likely the future success of your business hinges on it going off without a hitch. You owe it to your business to make and send out the perfect catalog that will catch people's eye.

Here are a few online resources that will provide more information on making your own catalog:

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