Challenges Faced when Importing Wholesale Jewelry

Anybody looking into importing jewelry wholesale from overseas should research all other options available to them first. Importing jewelry from overseas has many additional costs associated with it like customs duties and high shipping costs which considerably add to the cost of the jewelry. Other issues also exist when importing jewelry wholesale.

A huge obstacle to overcome when importing wholesale jewelry is customs. Some materials used in jewelry such as ivory or crocodile skin or snake skin and so on come from animals that are classified as endangered. Before buying any jewelry consignments overseas, make sure that the raw materials the  jewelry is made up of does not contain any restricted items and can be imported legally into the U.S.

There is always the real possibility of being cheated by an overseas jewelry wholesaler when ordering online. Your shipment may not arrive at all or the goods that do arrive may be counterfeits or of very poor quality. Because the seller is in another country where the America has no jurisdiction, there is very little the authorities can do if you have been ripped off on your order. You could try complaining to the credit card company or to your online payment processor, but such measures are no guarantees of getting your money back. This is why it is very important to deal only with reputable companies who have been in the wholesale jewelry business for a long time and not fly-by-night operations.

Normally if you find wholesalers in the U.S. who stocks the jewelry you're looking for at a marginally higher price than some international wholesalers online, you're better off buying in the U.S. With shipping costs and customs duties taken into consideration, the slightly higher U.S. price will actually be much lower than what you would pay if you had bought from over seas. Unfortunately certain items are not widely available in the United States and can only be bought abroad.

Another fact to consider when importing wholesale jewelry is that not all international carriers guarantee the secure arrival of bulk jewelry shipments. Often times the wholesaler will have disclaimers such as “all international orders will be shipped solely at buyer's risk.” This is another huge disadvantage of buying from overseas. Insurance is usually available, if the carrier offers it, but there are limits to how high they are willing to insure your shipment. If your shipment is worth a lot more money than shipping insurance will cover, then consider using a third party insurer who specializes in international jewelry deliveries. All these extra costs will drastically reduce your bottom line however, and you always have to keep in mind if the entire endeavor is costing you more money than you can possibly make out of it.

Exchange and refund policies may also be complicated by the costs associated with shipping the jewelry between countries. Even if the company you are buying wholesale jewelry from has such policies, they may not honor it for overseas orders or they may make you pay the shipping costs both ways. This way, even with a full refund or exchange, you are still losing a good chunk of your money.

Some sites that will shed more light on the import process of wholesale jewelry:  (NOTE: PDF LINK)

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